Fairy Tale

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    Author's Notes: This starts out with Phil, but after that it's all Brady and Chloe.

    Summary: Broe at Christmas!


    Belle was excited, she was getting the babysit her nephew, Will. She hadn't done that in a while. She had decided that since She had gotten the DVD copy of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" that they would watch that in the afternoon. She and Will sat on the sofa of the penthouse, about to begin the movie, when the doorbell rang. "We were headed to dot com, we thought we'd come pick you up on our way," Mimi said.

    "I can't, guys. Sami got called into work, so I'm babysitting Will."

    "Hey, buddy," Philip smiled at his nephew and went up to see him.

    "Hi, Uncle Philip," Will answered softly.

    "What are you doing?" Philip sat next to Will.

    "Aunt Belle and me are watching a movie."

    "What movie?"

    "Snow White," Belle answered.

    "I love that movie," Mimi said.

    "Do you guys want to stay?" Belle moved aside so everyone else could come in.

    "Sure," Chloe said, sitting on a chair away from Philip. She looked around the penthouse, looking for any sign of Brady. The two had hardly seen each other since they got back from the island. She was busy with school, he with Basic Black. They had become such good friends during the summer, and now nothing. She missed him. She would get to see him on their trip. They were leaving in three days and she felt the need to get him something for special for Christmas.

    The entire Black family, along with Sami, Will, and Austin, and Shawn and his parents and brother, and Chloe, were heading up to Green Mountain Lodge for Christmas. Philip had wanted to come but his father ordered him to stay home with his family for the holidays.

    Belle took everyone's coats and then sat next to Will, who was in the middle of she and Philip. Shawn sat next to her and they cuddled throughout the entire movie.

    Later that night Philip had fallen asleep on his bed with a book resting on his chest. It was Christmas break, but when Chloe decided not to give their relationship another try he had told his father he was going to make school his priority. So, he volunteered to write twenty page term paper on civil rights cases in the sixties for his government class. About three minutes into his books, he was regretting that decision. He had fallen asleep after four straight hours of reading. He was soon dreaming.

    "Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of them all?" The Queen (Jan) stood in front of her faithful mirror (Nicole).

    "Why majesty, there is one, of fair skin, like snow, and hair like a raven, lips the color of cherry."

    "Damn you!" The queen clenched her fists and called for her huntsman.

    The man (Philip) bowed to her, not looking her in the eye.

    "You are to take her to the woods, somewhere she can pick some wild flowers, and then kill her. To show me you have done it, you will bring to me in this box, her heart."

    "The huntsman bowed and left.

    Collecting water from the well, Snow White (Chloe) hummed and sang with the birds around her. Soon joining her was the handsome prince (Brady). When she left, somewhat frightened, he continued their song.

    Taking the princess into the forest, the huntsman tried to kill her, but could not bring himself to kill such a beautiful creature. He warned her of the danger and told her to run and never come back, which she did.

    She ran and ran, finding some friendly animals who took her to a small cottage. There she found the place a mess. She enlisted the help of her animal friends to tidy the place up.

    Seven dwarfs worked their way through the mines and on their way home, merrily singing ‘Heigh Ho'.

    They came home to find their home clean, spotless. Their leader, Doc (Kevin) led a search, up in their bedroom they found a sleeping, beautiful girl. After she had woken up they began to introduce themselves. Seven dwarfs in all: Doc (Kevin), Happy (Belle), Bashful (Penny), Grumpy (Jason), Dopey (Shawn), Sneezy (Mimi), and Sleepy (Susan). They agreed to let the princess stay there and she would cook, clean, and take care of them.

    During the evenings they would sing and play games. They were happy together and the princess was out of danger, for the time being.

    The huntsman returned to the queen and handed her the box, she thanked him, and he left.

    She turned to the mirror, "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all."

    "There is one, in a cottage with the animals and seven merry, little men. Her name is Snow White."

    "You fool, you lie! Her heart is here, in this box."

    "In that box is the heart of a pig."

    The queen went into a rage. Down below the surface of the earth, below her castle, she appeared as a witch. She was making something. She held an apple, poisoned.

    Traveling though the forest she came along the cottage of the dwarfs and found Snow White going about her daily chores. Tricking the princess, she got Snow White to take the apple. She immediately fell to the ground.

    The animals went to warn the dwarfs of the danger and upon their return they found Snow White on the ground...

    ...so beautiful even in death, that the dwarfs could not find it in their hearts to bury her...

    ...they fashioned a coffin of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side...

    ...the Prince who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.

    Watching her coffin, the dwarfs saw the handsome prince approaching on his white horse. The prince kneeled to her side and placed a soft, true loves kiss on her lips. She awoke and saw his face looking down at her. She smiled and the two rode off on his horse, happily ever after.

    Philip woke up from his dream and sat up, "What the hell!"

    Chloe met Belle at the penthouse early the next morning. There were still presents to pick out and they wanted to get an early start. Marlena answered the door and Chloe sat downstairs and waited. She stood up and looked at the pictures on display. She picked one up, the one that had Brady, still not old enough to walk, wit his father and mother. She smiled at it. She noticed the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, she know what that meant. It meant he was standing right behind her.

    "She was beautiful, Brady," she said, not turning around yet.

    "Yeah, she was."

    She finally turned to look at him. She smiled softly, then the corners of her mouth began to spread wider. He smiled back, then hugged her. They hugged for a few sweet moments before letting go.

    "I missed you," she admitted.

    "I missed you too, Diva. I ave some shopping to do, though. So I'll see you soon." He walked towards the door and opened it, hesitating, he turned to her, "Merry Christmas, Chloe."

    "Merry Christmas, Brady." She smiled again at him as he started to close the door behind him. "Wait, Brady!"


    "Belle and I are going to Salem Place. She still needs to find some more stuff for Shawn. Why don't you come with us?"

    "You really want me to come with you?"

    "Actually, I was hoping to bum a ride in your hip, happenin' car."

    "I knew there was an ulterior motive. Okay, as long as Tink doesn't mind."

    "As long as I don't mind what?"

    "Oh, Belle, I invited Brady to come with us," Chloe explained.

    "Oh, neat. I could use a guys help. Since I'm buying for a guy."

    They spent many hours looking through the many stores Belle took them through. In the jewelry store Chloe noticed Brady looking a very attractive, silver, pocket watch. When he left the store to wait outside for the girls she asked the clerk for help. It was moderately priced. Apparently it had been purchased by a girl for her fiancé's father, but when they broke up she took the watch back, without being used. It was in perfect condition, but since it was a return the price was quite low. So low, in fact, that Chloe could afford to have something engraved on it. She thought long and hard about it. She came up with many ideas, but kept coming back to one thing. It had special meaning for the two, but she was worried it may be too forward. The more she thought, she came to the conclusion that it would be something that a friend would say to another. In fact she had said it to him before, besides singing it to him. The watch would be ready within an hour and when it was done, it would say ‘To Brady, I'll depend on you, Love Chloe'.

    While Belle and Chloe were inside Brady wandered into the bookstore and something drew him to the section on music. On a large display case was the new arrivals for the section. There he saw the perfect gift for Chloe. He thought of her the minute he saw it. He quickly purchased the "Encyclopedia of Opera" and waited outside for his sister and best friend.

    Belle approached Chloe, who was standing by the door.

    "Did you buy anything?"

    "No, just looked around," Chloe lied.

    "Oh, I thought I saw you buy something."

    "I was looking at something for Craig," she added to her fib. Little white lies couldn't hurt, she thought.

    "Did you find anything for Shawn?"

    "I looked and looked because the cross he always used to wear got lost when we were in the cavern, and I finally found one just like it," she beamed.

    "What did you two ladies buy?" Brady handed each of them a cup. "I bought us hot chocolate. I thought you two could use some fuel."

    "Actually, I was sort of hungry," Chloe said.

    "I could eat too," Belle agreed.

    "Hudson Street Diner? I know divas are slightly above lowly diners, but the food is good," Brady teased Chloe.

    "That's fine with me," she chuckled.

    "Yeah, great," Belle said.

    "BLT nirvana," Brady said. "There's not the same as they are at Chez Wesley, but they do pass."

    "Aw, Brady, a compliment." Chloe playfully hit his arm.

    "I've been known to say something nice on occasion."

    "I know it," she said, smiling at him, her eyes shining.

    The three began their drive to the diner with Belle in the back as Brady and Chloe sat in the front.

    "You get your shopping done, Tink?"

    "Yeah, and I was thinking."

    "Uh-oh," Brady teased.

    "Anyway, how about I call Shawn, and maybe Mimi and Kevin, and we all go ice skating."

    "That might be fun," Chloe said. "How about it, Brady? Are you up to the challenge?"

    "Please, I could skate circles around you, Diva."

    "Care to wager on that?"

    "Sure. The loser has to bring the winner breakfast in bed for the entire trip."

    "You're on," Chloe and Brady shook on their deal.

    "I can't believe you guys," Belle sighed. Belle took out a cell phone and began calling everyone. When she was done she leaned forward to talk to her brother and best friend. "Good news. Mimi talked to her parents and they're letting her come on the trip with us."

    "Good. We'll have fun," Chloe smiled. She and Mimi were becoming very good friends in the past couple of months.

    "I know, we can have sleep overs the entire time," Belle squealed.

    The skating pond was incredibly crowded. Once there they found the others waiting for them, and on the ice they saw Austin, Sami, Will, Jack, and Greta.

    "Well, Black, ready to take my breakfast order?"

    "You'll be eating my words, Diva, while I eat my pancakes."

    Chloe stepped onto the ice and soon started skating around. Brady caught up to her and was giving her a pretty good run for her money. That all ended up when Will and Austin skated up right behind him and Will got Brady all twisted around and he fell on the ice, hard. Chloe started laughing and literally skating circles around Brady.

    "Sorry about that, man," Austin apologized.

    "It's okay," Brady excused it.

    "Hey, Brady?" Chloe was still skating around in circles, surrounding Brady.


    "Am I skating circles around you?"

    "I think she is," Shawn skated up to them, holding Belle's hand.

    "You owe me breakfast, every morning," Chloe gloated.

    The group spent a few mor hours there and finally Belle and Mimi were tired and ready to go home.

    "I think I'm going to hang around a little more," Chloe said, still skating around. It was dark and she was the only one on the ice except for Brady.

    "Yeah, I'm going to stick around. I'll drive Chloe home," Brady answered.

    "Why don't you stay at my house, Chloe?" Belle was putting things away in her bag.

    "Okay," Chloe said, spinning.

    The group left Brady and Chloe skating around each other, smiling and laughing.

    "I love the snow," she said.

    "Belle said you guys were watching ‘Snow White' the other day."

    "Yeah. She had Will with her."

    They skated for a few more seconds when Chloe began singing.

    "Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?

    We are standing
    by a wishing well
    make a wish into the well
    that's all you have to do
    and if you hear it echoing
    your wish will soon come true

    I'm wishing (I'm wishing)
    For the one I love
    To find me (To find me)
    Today (Today)

    I'm hoping (I'm hoping)
    And I'm dreaming of
    The nice things (the nice things)
    He'll say (He'll say)
    Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

    I'm wishing (I'm wishing)
    for the one I love
    to find me (to find me)

    Brady began to sing the next song,

    "Now that I found you
    hear what I have to say

    One song
    I have but one song
    One song
    Only for you

    One heart
    tenderly beating
    ever entreating
    constant and true

    One love
    that has possessed me
    one love
    thrilling me through

    one song
    my heart keeps singing
    of one love
    only for you"

    They finished singing and skated over to each other and hugged.

    "I love singing with you, Brady. I always have so much fun.

    "Me too, Diva," he laughed. "Oh no. I forgot to pick something up for my dad. I'll be right back, five minutes at the most."

    "That's fine, I'll wait right here," she smiled at him. She skated around and thought to herself about her and Brady singing together. She began to sing again.

    "Some day my prince will come
    some day we'll meet again
    and away to his castle we'll go
    to be happy forever I know

    Some day when spring is here
    we'll find our love anew
    and the birds will sing
    and wedding bells will ring
    some day when my dreams come true..."

    What Chloe didn't realize was Brady had taken a much shorter time than anticipated and had hidden behind a tree to hear her entire performance. He found himself wondering if she was singing about him. When they sang a few minutes earlier he had been singing about her, but he didn't know if she was feeling it too. He waited a few minutes, watching her out her shoes back on, before revealing himself.

    "Hey, miss me?"

    "Of course, Brady. My life would be empty without you," she was pretending to be joking. "Hey, can we stop at that jewelry store? I have to pick something up for Craig. I completely forgot about it."

    "Sure, no problem. Do you need to stop at your house for stuff to stay at our house tonight?"

    "No, I left some stuff from last week."

    "Okay, let's go, shall we?" He held his arm out for her as he led her to the car, where he opened the door for her.

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