Falling for the First Time
    Part Two


    After her shower she was running around the apartment, looking for an earring before she got dressed. The door bell rang and she looked through to see who it was. Then opened the door.

    "Abby, what are you doing here?"

    "I came to see how it went with the owner. My parents told me if I called them every thirty minutes I could go out tonight without them."

    "Oh, well come in. I have to get ready though."


    "No, Colin Murphy."


    "Yeah, he'll be here in about two hours."

    "This is a new development. What about Brandon?"

    "He's a friend. He knows about this. He thought it was a great idea."

    "Good. Dr. Murphy seems very nice."

    "He is. We were talking and he just asked me to dinner."

    "Where are you going?"


    "So, how did it go at Dot Com?"

    "You're talking to the new owner."

    "Really, you got it?"

    "Yeah. Great price too. And I'm taking your advice. I'm going to turn the building in the back into a night club. Which is something I wanted to ask you about."


    "Well, you have a lot of ideas for the place, right? And you're almost done with school too."

    "Just a few more weeks. In my drugged haze, I got high school done with."

    "So, why don't you come work for me."

    "Doing what?"


    "Greta, I have no experience with that whatsoever."

    "Neither do I. We'll learn together. You'll be right below me. If I'm not there, you're in charge of everything. Please, Abby? I trust you with this."

    "Um, okay. Yeah, sure. It'll be fun. What are you calling this place anyway?"

    "I hadn't thought of it exactly. Maybe, Dot Com After Dark?"

    "Too 90210. Something else."

    "Too what?"

    "Pop culture reference European royalty won't understand. Think about the building."

    "Well, you go in through the back. So...The Back Door?"

    "I like it. It goes well."

    "Great, so that's what I'll call it. Now, help me pick out what to wear."

    Colin picked Greta up right no time and they headed to Tuscany where they sat, sipping wine and eating their salads.

    "So, how was the hospital today?"

    "Fine, fine. Very quiet. It was nice, for a change. Gave me a chance to spend more time with each patient."

    "That's good. It's nice to see doctors who want to treat the patient, not just the disease."

    "I've always tried to be that way. Patients need that reassurance. What did you do with your day?"

    "I bought Dot Com, actually."

    "That place where the kids hang out? The loud one?"

    "Yeah, yeah. The owner wanted to sell. I don't know much about running a restaurant, but I'm looking forward to learning. Abby Deveraux brought it to my attention. There's this big building in the back, I'm going to turn it into a night club."

    "You're going to run a night club?"

    "Yeah, Salem could use some place like that. I'm glad Abby brought it up to me. She's sounding a lot like her father these days. One idea after another. She's a good person. She's become a great friend to me."

    "Yes, I was sorry to hear of her...mistakes."

    "She's definitely making up for them. So, if you don't mind me asking, why is there tension between you and Bo?"

    "He and I don't see eye to eye on family issues."


    "No, he wants in on the feud back in Ireland. Uncle Shawn wants him spared of that. I'd really rather not speak of it."

    "Okay, then...We'll talk about something else."

    "I see you and Brandon Walker are quite good friends."

    "Yeah, yeah, we are. He knows how to make me smile when I'm down, when I've had a bad day."

    "He and Jennifer dated for a bit."

    "Nothing serious. He realized she still wanted Jack. He'll always want Sami."

    "And you? What about your former loves?"

    "Not many to speak of. Pretty much just Eric. Eric, he um, he cheated on me. There hasn't really been anyone..."

    "So, my cousin is basically you're only love?"

    "Not really love," she sighed, thinking about that man she'd believed she was in love with.

    Their date ended when he dropped her off at her apartment, standing at the door, she began to unlock it while he stood behind her.

    "Thanks for dinner, Colin."

    "But that's all it'll ever be, right? Dinner?"

    "How about friendship?"

    "You're on. I'm sorry, there just weren't any..."


    "Well, at least we both know it and it won't lead to heartache," he laughed.

    "I'll see you later, Colin. Thanks again."

    He turned and walked away as she closed the door behind her.

    The next morning at eleven o'clock Bo, Hope, Shawn, J.T., Belle, John, Marlena, Brady, Chloe, Jennifer, Jack, Abby, Alice, and Greta were sitting at a table having lunch, making idle conversation.

    "How was last night?" Abby was sitting in between Greta and Alice.

    "Actually, I was bored out of my mind," Greta admitted.


    "Really. And thankfully, so was he, so we decided to be friends."

    Mr. Woods was eating at the Pub too and came up to Abby.

    "Abby, I'm disappointed you've quit drama. We all miss you there," he said, excusing himself and leaving the restaurant.

    "Abigail Horton Deveraux," Jennifer began.

    "Can we talk about this later?" She looked at her mother across the table.

    "We're talking about it right now," Jack added. "Why aren't you in drama. You signed up three weeks ago. Now you're sneaking around. What have you been doing after school for the past few weeks? I suppose letting you out last night was a bad idea too."

    "I wanted some time so myself."

    "You don't get time to yourself, young lady," Jennifer told her.

    "Believe me, I know. I'm not doing anything bad."

    "Then tell us, where do you go after school."

    "Gran's house. She, Greta, and I hang out there everyday for a few hours," Abby reluctantly admitted.

    "You go to Gran's house? Abby, why didn't you tell your father and I?" By this time everyone at the table had their attention towards that end.

    "Okay, you know when I come home and you ask me how my day was? Well, I know you're really asking me if I felt like getting high. Sometimes the answer is yes, but I don't. But when Greta and Gran ask me how my day was, they really want to know how my day was. They want to know what names Philip's been calling me, or how I did on an English test. I know I screwed up, and they make me forget it for a few hours everyday."

    "Oh, well, okay then. Well, why didn't you tell us? Honey, we would have been fine with you going to Gran's everyday."

    "I wanted something to myself."

    "She asked us not to tell, Jennifer. I'm sorry," Greta apologized.

    "I should probably tell you both right now that I'm going to work for Greta," Abby announced.

    "Doing what, exactly?"

    "I bought Dot Com yesterday," Greta proudly said.

    "You bought Dot Com? That's, like, so cool," Belle squeaked.

    "Actually, Belle, I have a question for you. You, Brady, Shawn, and Chloe. If there were somewhere you go on a Friday or Saturday night to dance and whatever, would you go?"

    "Like a club? Because a club would be, like, so cool. Because there isn't anywhere like that in Salem. We all usually go to the movies on dates," Belle rambled on.

    "Yeah, the back building of Dot Com is going to be turned into a night club," Greta told them.

    "Are you sure you know how to run a night club? This is a big step," John warned.

    "I'm looking froward to it. It'll be something fun and new to learn. And there's a demand for it."

    "Well, good luck. I'm sure it'll be a great success," Marlena smiled.

    "Thank you," Greta smiled in return.

    "Abby, what exactly will you be doing for Greta?"

    "Jennifer, she's going to be my manager. I know neither of us has the experience, but we'll learn along the way. And I trust her more than someone I just hire who comes in."

    "Well, we'll your father and I will have to discuss this tonight at home."

    "It would keep you busy once you finish school," Jack pondered. "And we trust you with Greta."

    "You're right, Jack," Jennifer agreed.

    "So, you've decided?"

    "Don't push it, young lady. You're still in trouble for not telling us about drama," Jack reprimanded her.

    "I think it's a wonderful idea," Alice supported Abby and Greta.

    "Fine, fine. I agree to it," Jennifer relented.

    "Thanks," Greta said.

    About a week later the back building was in the process of becoming a club. A very messy, long process that had begun with Greta pouring over design schemes and everything else that could possibly be in a night club. Finally, taking a much needed lunch break she was walking through Salem Place and bumped right into a man while searching for her keys in her purse.

    "I'm sorry," she said.

    "My fault," he answered.

    "Austin," she gasped in surprise.

    "Hi. How are you? I hear you're doing well. I just haven't seen much of you in the past year."

    "Yeah, yeah, we got back from Paris and you and Sami got back together. Sorry about that, by the way."

    "Sami and I were ready to end. It was time. I'm happy right now. I feel good."

    "That's good."

    "So, you've been busy I hear. That's great about the club and Dot Com. I never went in there much, but now that I know the owner I definitely will."

    "Well, we're hoping to open The Back Door in six weeks, hoping, fingers crossed. So, you should come by that night. Abby decided first two drinks for everyone should be free."

    "I definitely will," he told her, looking at her intently, into her eyes. "So, can I take you to dinner tonight? We'll be two friends, catching up. It'll be like before the coronation."

    "It won't be. But I'd love to."

    "I'll pick you up? Seven? Casual?"

    "Sounds great, Austin. I'll see you then," she was about to walk to her car.



    "I missed you," he admitted.

    "I missed you too, Austin."

    Promptly at seven Austin was at Greta's door, dressed in jeans and a black sweater, coat and scarf in hand. He found Greta wearing black pants and a wine colored sweater.

    "You look beautiful," he whistled.

    "Thanks, thanks."

    "Ready to go?"

    "Yeah, where are we going?"

    "Well, the Pub, actually."

    "I'd think you'd want to stay away from all things Brady."

    "I'm craving clam chowder though. And I only want to avoid one of them. The rest are all good people."

    "Well, let's go then, because I'm hungry," she put her coat on and they headed out the door.

    Sitting in a booth at the Brady Pub Austin had his clam chowder, Greta a salad.

    "Why have we stayed away so long, Greta?"

    "You were busy," she answered simply.

    "Yeah, guess I was. I'm, I'm really proud of what you're doing with Dot Com. I know it'll turn out well."

    "Thanks, Austin. I'm hoping it will. Things are coming along well. It's going to look amazing."

    "Can I see it?"

    "No. The only people who are seeing it until opening night are Abby and me."

    "Well, I'll definitely be there then."

    "Good, good." All through dinner, though she was enjoying Austin's company, she felt an uneasiness. She shoved those thoughts aside, though, continuing to make light conversation. He dropped her off and when he did, asked her to go out again the next night.

    After a week of going out on friendly dates, much like she and Brandon did. It started to bother her and after five nights of putting up with it, he finally noticed it.

    Just as he did every time, he stood at her door, telling her he had a great time.

    "Me too," she answered in a lackluster tone.

    "Greta, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing, Austin. Just trying to get the club done."

    "That isn't it, Greta. Tell me what's wrong."

    "We were such good friends, Austin."

    "What's the problem with that?"

    "I was beginning to feel something more. A lot more. For the first time in my life, I was falling in love, with you. And now, we're friends and that's great, but every time I see you I just remember how you cast me aside as though not even my friendship meant anything to you. And now, we're friends again and I can't help what I'm feeling when I see you. My friendship with Jack took my mind off of you and now that's right where my mind, and my heart, has gone."

    "Greta, I never meant to treat our friendship as nothing. It means the world to me. You mean the world to me."

    "Doesn't matter, Austin. I still got the brush off. I always do. And seeing you, knowing what you felt for Sami and not for me. It makes me pity myself as much as I try not to and I don't want that feeling. And, I can't believe I just sad all of those things to you, admitted I'm in love with you. So, I'm going to go to sleep, and I'll see you later. Bye," she said closing the door.

    He stood there in utter shock. He'd had no idea she felt like this, but the more and more he thought about it, the more sense it made. He in fact did feel more comfortable and happy when he was with Greta. Realizing that he'd hurt who was possibly the most important person in his life was upsetting. Austin didn't like the feeling at all.

    They kept their distance though. Only saying hi when they saw each other on the street, but she was pretty busy with the club and he with Titan. And the more he thought about it, the more he knew he had to do something. He knew exactly when to do it, too.

    Opening night was finally here. The Back Door looked amazing. The stage was large enough for the live band that would be performing that night, the dance floor was huge. Outlining the floor were small, two person tables, each with a little lamp. Towards the middle of that was a bar in the center of the area between the wall and dance floor, fully stalked with four bartenders in black tee shirts and black pants. Towards on back wall were a few sofas and comfy chairs and to the other back wall were more intimate and somewhat large, though hidden, booths. The back was very dark, though each booth had it's own small lamp. On the lower level in the back corner was Greta's office and next to that the storage room. Also down there were an assortment of pool tables, air hockey tables and video games. Up on the balcony were a few more sofas and tables. And the place was packed with even more people coming in.

    Abby stood by the door in a black tank top and black pants with black leather boots. On her head was a headset with a mouthpiece, and the controller fastened to her waist. Her dark, though still streaked hair, was pulled up in a single clip. She stood at the podium by the door, with the bouncer checking people before they walked in, placing paper bracelets on their wrists. Abby noticed some familiar people walking in. She ushered them towards her.

    "What do you think?"

    "It looks great," Shawn yelled above the music.

    "Good band," Belle added.

    Abby pulled two red bracelets from the podium and placed them on Shawn and Belle's wrists.

    "Don't you have pink or something? Red really isn't my color," Belle commented.

    "Red means stop, green means go. Green for twenty-one and over, red for under," Abby explained.

    "Oh," Belle replied. From behind someone tapped her on the shoulder. "Oh my God, what are you doing here!?"

    "I was told I could find you and pretty much everyone else in Salem here."

    Abby saw Brandon in the line and motioned him to come on up.

    "Looks great, Abby," he hugged her.

    "Thanks, but you know who should get all the credit."

    "Where is Greta?" Brandon looked around.

    "Greta in a night club? I don't think so," Eric laughed.

    "She owns this place, Eric. It's opening night," Belle told him.

    "She's in her office, Brandon. I'll call her up here," Abby pressed a button on the headset controller. "Greta, can you come up here? You have a guest...Okay," she turned back to Brandon. "She's on her way up."

    "Great," Brandon smiled.

    "I'll take you to a table," Abby offered.

    "Wait, wait. Greta owns this place? Greta Von Amburg? Because this isn't the type of place for Greta," Eric looked around the place.

    "She owns Dot Com too," Belle added.

    "Who are you?" Abby didn't recognize him. She had been in Africa and Europe and after she'd gotten back he was gone.

    "Eric Brady, who are you?"

    "Abby Deveraux."

    "You were, little, the last time I saw you," he said.

    "Come on, Brandon," Abby lead him to a booth in the back where Greta was sitting with a drink. She stood and hugged him and he kissed her on the cheek.

    "Greta, this place is amazing."

    "Thanks, thanks. A lot of hard work went into it."

    "Abby seems to be enjoying her position of authority."

    "She really is," Greta smiled. Brandon's pager went off, interrupting them. "Use the bar phone, tell them I said you can."

    "Thanks," he walked away. She sat, looking about the place, smiling at what appeared to be a great success. Her thoughts were interrupted by someone very familiar standing in front of her.

    "Hi," he said.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "My mom said I could find Belle and Sami here. Then, I'm told you own this place."

    "Have a seat, Eric."

    "How are you?"

    "I'm good. Things are really good. I'm excited about this place."

    "It looks good. I never expected you to be in this type of a place."

    "Neither did I, but I was talked into it and it's good investment. I talked about it with my dad. He agreed completely."

    "Yeah, yeah. It seems like tonight you're going to make a lot."

    "Yeah. So, what are you doing back in Salem?"

    "Well, I went to Colorado to find myself."


    "I did. I just didn't realize that I had found myself before I'd left."

    "I'm lost."

    "I found myself when I was with you."

    From the doorway Abby was putting a green bracelet on Austin as he watched the seen at the booth. He had no idea what was going on and he could hardly see anything what with it being dark inside. But Eric back, and sitting so closely to Greta, was not a good thing. He excused himself from talking to Abby and made his way to the back.

    "Greta, I found out exactly who I was when we were together. I was never happier."

    "You had a very weird way of showing it, Eric. Sleeping with Nicole is not saying you want to be with me."

    "That was a mistake."

    "Eric, you've been gone for over a year. I've moved on."

    "Can't you at least just think about what we had, Greta."

    "Eric, I can't go back there. I'm sick of being hurt."

    "Yeah, I can understand that. Can't blame a guy for trying though. Any guy would be lucky to have you."

    "Tell that to them."

    "I will if I ever get the chance," he smiled.

    "Eric, I know that this is cliched, but I still do consider you a friend."

    "If you're friendship is as much as I can have from you, I willingly take it with a smile. Congratulations, Greta. I'm very happy for you," he kissed her hand and stood up.

    Greta looked into the crowd for a few seconds before she was again interrupted.

    "Sp, Eric's back," Austin stated.


    "He came to see you."

    "He came back for me," she felt like letting Austin know that others did want her.

    "Oh. What did you say?"

    "A lot, actually."

    "Like what?"

    "Well, if you must know, I told him that he'd been gone for over a year and that I had moved on."

    "Oh. Can we dance?"


    "Because there are things that need to be said, and I want to dance with you."

    She thought for a minute, leaving him standing in front of her table. She scooted towards the edge and took his hand as he lead her to the dance floor. The band was taking a break and the DJ had taken over for the time being. ‘Home' by Duncan Sheik was playing as Greta and Austin danced closely to each other.

    "What did you want to talk about, Austin?"


    "What us?"

    "I thought a lot about what you said. Then I thought about how I feel when I'm with you, or thinking about you."

    "How do you feel?"

    "Excited. Like I can't breathe until I see you. And then when I do see you, it's like nothing can go wrong and everything is perfect."

    "Oh," she used his oh so common word.

    "Basically, I discovered all along that I have been in love with you."

    "What about Sami?"

    "I felt like I owed it to her to love her, but I wasn't in love with her. I need someone to trust and someone that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am head over heels in love with. I am head over heels in love with you, Greta. How could I not be?"

    "Austin...," she didn't finished because her pager went off. "I'll be back."

    She left him on the dance floor as he watched her go.

    The night was ending and closing time had approached. Greta was still inside with Abby finishing up closing and working on tomorrow night. Opening night was a complete success and Greta was on cloud nine. That is until she realized she had been too busy to get back to Austin. She'd just have to call him tomorrow, she thought. Though she wished she could have talked to him tonight. After locking the doors she watched Abby get into her car and drive away. Someone came up behind her and she shrieked.

    "Sorry," Austin apologized.

    "It's okay."

    "You really shouldn't walk to your car alone at night."

    "I have pepper spray with me."

    "Still, I worry about you."

    "We need to talk."

    "Yeah, but you've been smiling since you saw me, so it can't be all that bad."

    "No, no. Do you want to wait until morning, or you can come over now. I'm sort of wired from tonight."

    "I'll follow you in my car," he said.

    They got to her apartment and he sat on the sofa. She took off her thigh high boots, let her hair down, and sat on the sofa curling her feet underneath her.

    "You dropped something very big on me tonight, Austin."

    "I know. But I had to tell you."

    "I'm glad you did."

    "How do you feel about what I told you?"

    "Partially relieved. Partially worried that you're telling me you love me because I told you."

    "I told you I was in love with you, Greta. I don't think I had a brain until you told me. It got the wheels turning."

    "Austin, I don't want to get hurt again."

    "Greta, as long as I live, as long as you'll have me, I'm going to make sure you never get hurt," he leaned in and kissed her. That kiss turned into another, then another, each one growing more passionate than the last until he was laying on top of her. "Greta."

    "Don't talk, Austin."

    "Greta, you know where this is going."

    "So let's go there."

    "I love you."

    "I love you, Austin." He picked her up, sweeping her off her feet and carrying her into the bedroom.

    The next morning they woke up in Greta's bed next to one another. She was on her back, the sheet covering her everywhere that it should, her and Austin's legs intertwined. He was on his side, his arm holding his head up, his other arm around her stomach and her hand on his.

    "I can't believe we did that," she blushed.

    "Three times."

    "Well, if you're going to brag."

    "You're beautiful."

    "Please, I just woke up. I have bed head, and I'm pretty sure my breath is less than pleasant."

    "Let me check," he kissed her softly. "Nope, mint fresh."

    She laughed.

    "I never knew you had so many freckles on your body," he brought his hand to her shoulder.


    "They're beautiful."

    "You really know how to sweet talk a girl, don't you?"

    "Well, only the ones I'm in love with."

    Greta and Austin continued their relationship but decided to keep it a secret for a little while, just enjoying each other. The only people who knew were Brandon, Abby, Alice and Lucas, even though he was still in a coma. Three weeks into their relationship Abby and Greta were sitting in Greta's office at the club, working. Greta was nervously tapping her pen on the desk.

    "Did you hear me, Greta?"

    "Yeah. What? Sorry, Abby. I'm just a bit distracted."

    "I said that we need to start taking auditions for the Be a Rock Star talent night. What's going on? You and Austin okay?"

    "Yeah, yeah, fine."

    "Greta, you tell me everything. What's wrong? If you don't talk to me, talk to Austin, or Gran."

    "I'm late."

    "For what?"

    Greta looked at Abby seriously.

    "Oh, that late. I'll be back in five minutes." Abby was bag in five minutes with a brown paper bag, handing it to Greta.

    "What is it?"

    "A bread box. Greta, what do you think it is?"

    "Oh, okay. Right now? Are these things accurate?"

    "Try it, then, no matter how it turns out, you can go see Brandon at the hospital."

    "Okay." Greta went into the bathroom, when she came out she and Abby waited nervously in the time given on the box. Finally it was time and Greta looked at the little stick, then threw it in the trash.


    Greta turned around, a few tears coming to her eyes.

    "Abby, if you don't mind I'm going to go see Brandon," Greta left the club.

    At the hospital she didn't have to tell Brandon much. He knew she needed his help and he gave it. He got her results back in record time and she went for a walk in Salem Place after hearing them.

    She returned to her apartment to find Austin sitting by the door waiting for her.

    "Austin, what are you doing here?" He stood and kissed her, sweetly.

    "Well, Abby called me at Titan and said that you were having a bad day, so I came over."

    "Remind me to fire her."

    "She's just looking out for you."

    "I know, I know."

    "What's going on, Greta. You can tell me anything, remember? I love you." They walked in and sat down, she curled her feet under her and leaned against his chest, a few tears falling. "Come on, Greta. You're worrying me. Tell me what's going on."

    She let a few more tears fall before looking at him, thinking she was about to ruin his life. "I'm pregnant, Austin."


    "We're going to have a baby."

    "We're going to have a baby?"

    "Yeah. I was late and Abby bought me one of those home tests and I took it and it came out positive, and then I went and saw Brandon at the hospital and he took some tests and it all came back positive. I'm going to have a baby."

    "We're going to have a baby."

    "We didn't plan on this. We never even talked about it."

    "That doesn't mean it isn't great news, Greta."

    "You're happy?"

    "Aren't you?"

    "I wasn't sure if I was because I wasn't sure how you'd react."

    "Greta, I've want to be a father, and I can't think of anything better than the woman I love having my baby."

    "This is going to change everything, Austin."

    "Who says that's a bad thing?"

    "I don't know how to be a mother."

    "Neither do I." She laughed at him. "You know what I mean. Greta, listen to what I have to say right now. You'll look forward to this baby after that."

    "I'm going to look forward to it. I just need to let it sink in."

    "Okay, but hear me out."

    "Okay," she snuggled closer to him and closed her eyes.

    "So, picture a house. With our combined incomes we can definitely have a house. Somewhere nice, like where Bo and Hope live. A white fence, a yard for the kids to play in, a swing set. The house is white, or something like that. Two stories. You've decorated it beautifully. You walk in and it feels like you're home. Except when I walk in, it feels like it's home because I know that you're there to share it with me."

    "That's beautiful, Austin."

    "So, we're going to have a baby and you're going to be okay?"

    "I'll be more than okay. I'll be perfect."

    "We're going to have a baby." He picked her up and swung her around and kissed her. "You're having my baby! But, unlike waiting to tell people about us, we're telling people about this baby right away."

    "Okay," she smiled at him, very happy.

    They arrived at the penthouse just after dark and rang the doorbell. Chloe opened the door, laughing.

    "Chloe, hi," Greta greeted her, walking. She didn't feel she needed to be invited what with her dad living her. "Is my dad here?"

    "Hey, Greta. He's upstairs with Marlena," Brady answered. "Hey, Austin. We were just about to have dinner. I'm sure there's enough if you two want to stay. Belle and Shawn are on their way."

    "Of course she can stay," John said from the balcony.

    "Hi, dad," Greta smiled at him.

    "What a lovely surprise. Hello you two," Marlena followed John down the stairs.

    Shawn and Belle walked in laughing and smiling.

    "So you guys are going out, right? Because I saw Abby last week and asked and she just looked at her watch and said she had to go to work," Chloe said.

    "Austin, are you dating my little girl?"

    "Well, John, that's one of the things we came to talk to you about."

    "One of the things? What are things are there to talk about?" John pulled out Marlena's chair, as did Brady for Chloe, Shawn for Belle, and Austin for Greta.

    "I must say, Greta, you look very happy," Marlena observed.

    "She looks like she's glowing," Chloe agreed.

    "It's like she's in love," Belle squealed.

    "I am in love," Greta admitted.

    "With Austin? That's so sweet," Belle again squealed.

    "We are very much in love," Austin agreed.

    Conversation was made throughout dinner and finally wen Marlena brought out ice cream for everyone Greta was ready to make her final announcement.

    "We're going to have a baby, Austin and I. I'm pregnant."

    "Oh my God, I'm going to be an aunt," Belle ran over and hugged Greta, then Austin.

    "This is certainly a surprise," Marlena said.

    "Well, well. Making me a grandpa."

    "Yeah, I am."

    "No wonder you look so happy," John smiled.

    "I am happy, very happy," Greta smiled ash she and John hugged. Everyone else rushed up to hug her.

    "Now, Austin, you know if you hurt her I will have to kill you? I had far too long without my daughter and I'm not going to let her happiness be ruined.

    "I'd never want that," Austin smiled at her.

    Austin and Greta went home that night, leaving the club in the capable hands of Abby, and sat together, all night. They walked about the future that they had together with their baby and everything that was now possible for them.

    Austin and Greta


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