Making Their Future

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    Summary: The further adventures of Brady and Chloe.

    Author's Notes: This is a sequel to ‘Facing Their Future' and takes place right where that one left off. I'm trying to give them a blissful relationship with problems. It's to do with the theory that once a couple is happy they go to storyline hell.


    Brady and Chloe lay on the blanket together, looking at the stars and holding each other.



    "Do you remember when you sang to me? I mean, not here, at Basic Black. When you sang ‘Music of the Night'?"


    "You meant it, didn't you? You've been telling me I need to sing with feeling, let my emotions take over and feel the role. When you sang to me, you were telling me the truth. I was just too scared to realize it."

    "So was I. I didn't admit to it myself until the morning before I kissed you. I figured it out and knew I had to act quickly before you went back to mooning over Philip."

    "Very funny. I didn't moon over him. Philip was a mistake, Brady. I'm sort of hoping I never see him again."

    "That makes two of us. You know I would never hurt you the way he did."

    "I know that, Brady."

    "You're still hurting, aren't you? You can tell me, Chloe. Don't hide anything. I know what he did, remember?"

    "You tried to do the same thing to him. Yeah, my arm hurts and my stomach. Craig says I'm going to get a scar there."

    "You'll still be beautiful."

    "Brady, look at me. I looked in the mirror the other day and didn't recognize my own face. I'm not beautiful."

    "You don't see yourself like I do. You are beautiful, Chloe."

    "I love you, Brady."

    "I love you."

    "I've been thinking a lot these past couple of days."

    "Yeah, what about?"

    "My father. I need to know who he is, Brady."

    "Have you talked to your mother about it lately?"

    "I was thinking of doing it tomorrow."

    "I think you should. It's something you need to know."

    "Yeah. Brady, can we go back to the penthouse? I'm getting a little tired."

    "Of course," he said getting up and collecting their things. He led her back to the jeep and they drove in silence back to the penthouse. Their silence was not uncomfortable. Quite the contrary, in fact. They were so close they did not need to speak. They were content in each other's company.

    They reached the penthouse and sat on the sofa, where Chloe immediately fell asleep. Brady watched her, held her, stroked her hair for hours.

    He thought of her the entire time, "I hate Philip for what he's done, Chloe. I love you so much, seeing you in pain hurts me. I can tell you're still in pain. I can tell it hurts for you to move your mouth to talk to me, or even to kiss me. I don't mind it at all. I just want you." He watched her sleep until he himself drifted off.

    Brady woke up to find Chloe gone and Marlena humming, happily, in the kitchen.

    "Your father and I found you two asleep on the couch this morning. We didn't want to wake you," she greeted him.

    "Thanks. Where is Chloe? And my dad?"

    "John is upstairs and Chloe woke up a little earlier and she's taking a shower. It's a good thing she'd left some clothes in Belle's room."

    "Guess so," he said, sitting at the table.

    "Brady, I want you to know that I am very pleased to see Chloe and you together. It makes me very happy to see the both of you making each other happy. I know that we've had our differences, but I would like us all to have dinner tonight as a family, the four of us. Your father and I discussed it and we would like Chloe and Shawn to join us as well has Bo and Hope and Craig and Nancy at Tuscany."

    "Um, it would be nice. Just between you and I, and this is probably the last time this will happen, but I sort of miss us being a family. You know, like it was when Belle and I were little."

    "Good, then it's settled."

    "Well, not really. See, I'm not sure of Chloe wants to go to some place like Tuscany. I think she's beautiful, but she's ashamed of the bruises and cuts and her jaw is still pretty swollen."

    "How about the Brady pub then?"

    "I'll ask her," he said as Chloe walked in the room.

    "Good morning, Chloe. Brady and I were just talking that it would be nice if we all had dinner tonight at Tuscany. You know, the four of us, you, Shawn and his parents and your parents."

    "I haven't been to Tuscany since that night you took me there, Brady, that sounds great," she enthused.

    "We were also throwing around the idea of the Brady Pub too," Brady said.

    "Well, whatever you guys want."

    Brady faced Chloe, who had sat next to him, and took her hands in his, "Chloe, you now I think you're beautiful, but after what you told me last night I thought maybe you wouldn't want some place so fancy."

    "I'm fine, Brady. Besides, it isn't like anyone in Salem doesn't know how this happened. I want to have dinner with your family at Tuscany tonight," she said kissing him softly, even though it hurt her a bit.

    "Tuscany it is," Marlena said. "I made eggs."

    "Thanks, Dr. Evans Black, but I didn't tell my parents that I was going to stay over, I fell asleep, so I should probably get home."

    "I called them," Brady said.

    The family and Chloe ate breakfast together before Belle headed off to school and John and Marlena to work. Chloe was taking a few more days off from school and Brady was going in late to work.

    Brady dropped Chloe off kissing her and telling her he loved her before watching her walk in the front door. She found Nancy sitting on the sofa reading a magazine.

    "I know you're sitting there waiting for me and I know you watched Brady and me from the window," she said, smiling.

    "I would never," Nancy began.

    "Your magazine is upside down," Chloe explained.

    Just then Craig walked in and sat next to Nancy. "Chloe, come sit with your mother and I."

    "Okay. I need to talk to you two about a couple of things too," she said, sitting.

    "Why don't we start off," Nancy suggested. "Craig and I are going to Las Vegas for two weeks to renew our wedding vows and take a little honeymoon. Now, you are invited to come with us if you'd like."

    "No, thanks, I'll stay here," Chloe quickly said.

    "Fine, fine," Craig cleared his throat. "The other thing is that your mother and I noticed you and Brady and the hospital and a few times the past couple of days."

    "Yeah?" Chloe didn't like where this was going.

    "How close are you two?" Nancy clasped her hands together.

    "Well, see that's one of the things I wanted to talk to you guys about. I need birth control pills," Chloe said quickly and in one breath.

    "I'm sorry, sweetheart, I thought you said birth control pills," Nancy chuckled.

    "I did."

    "I see, so, you're thinking about sleeping with Brady."


    "Then why do you need birth control pills?"

    "I'm not thinking about making love with Brady. I already have. Listen, every time we're careful, we use protection, but you can't be too cautious. I know that this isn't what you want to be hearing right now, but you're not going to keep me from him. I know he's older, I know you could have him arrested, but I'm almost an adult and I've made my own decision. I just thought it would be easier if I were up-front with you and took the proper steps to make sure that we're safe."

    "I'll write you a prescription for them and have them for you before we leave tonight," Craig said softly. "Chloe, I can tel you right now that your mother and I don't like that you're sexually active with Brady so soon in your relationship, but we both know that he loves you and won't hurt you."

    "He's a Kiriakis, but I like him. And, I, I, trust, you Chloe," Nancy shrugged.

    "Thank you," Chloe said softly.

    "What's the other thing you wanted to talk about?"

    "Well, mom, I was thinking that since you and I have grown so much closer that maybe you could tell me who my father is?"

    "Chloe, I've told you so any times that I've hidden this for your own good. Now, you're growing into such a strong young woman, I promise when Craig and I get back that we'll talk about it," Nancy said.

    "I can live with that," Chloe smiled.

    "I'm going to head down to the hospital. I'll get you know, Chloe," Craig said standing, kissing Nancy on the cheek and leaving.

    At Titan Victor sat in his office looking through some papers.

    "How are you enjoying Switzerland?" There was no one in the room for Victor to be talking to.

    "It bites," Philip's voice came form the speaker phone.

    "Well, it's better than being in prison, which is where you would be if it weren't for me."

    "I have to get back to Salem. I know Chloe will forgive me. She's knows that I love her and wouldn't hurt her."

    "Philip, you beat her until she was unrecognizable. I saw her yesterday at Salem Place, you can barely tell that it's her. Now, you aren't going to set foot in Salem until you learn to control that temper and until I can make sure you won't be arrested the minute you're seen."

    "Was she with Brady?"

    "Son, listen to me. You'd better get that girl out of your head. You become jealous, possessive, and violent when you're around her. I actually feel sorry for the poor girl after what you did to her."

    "What about what Brady did to me? Why haven't you disowned him?"

    "Because Brady is my grandson and he understand that you don't hit women. He understands that respect. He understands what it is to defend someone you love. I'm having lunch with him today to tell him just that. Not, Philip, get back to your studies. I'll talk to you later," Victor hung up before Philip could protest.

    Chloe walked into the room, it was dark, lit dimly only by a few candles. She looked down on the ground to see a trail of rose petals leading her to a door. She opened it and found a note inside. All it said was for her to make herself comfortable and take a bath. She knew it was his handwriting, so trusting him she did just that. She stepped out of the tub and put on the red, silk robe that was hanging on the door. She clipped her wet hair up to keep it out of her face. Opening the bathroom door and walking down the short hall she found him sitting in a chair, reading a book, his brow furrowed in concentration.

    Her presence was noticed when the hairs in his arms stood on end. They always did that when she came into a room. Brady set the book down and smiled at her.

    "Nice bath?"

    "Wonderful. Would have been better if you'd been there."

    "Later," he grinned.

    "You set all this up for me," she smiled.

    "Well, I know you've needed to relax lately," he said taking her in his arms and kissing each cheek lightly. "I want you."

    "Funny, that's what I was thinking," she breathed into his ear. They made their way to the bed, stopping at the edge, their lips never breaking contact. She untied the sash to the terrycloth robe he wore, moving it from his shoulders. She looked at him, now only wearing boxers.

    "I love you," she said before going an further.

    "Chloe, I will always love you, nothing is going to change that," he said kissing her and untying the sash of her robe and slipping his hands inside the robe and around her waist.

    She ran her hands down his chest, reaching his hips. Looking into his eyes she reached into his boxers, cupping him, then stroking him. He groaned in pleasure, letting her have her way before he brought his hands to her face kissing her full, soft lips, then moving down to her neck going down further until he reached her breasts. She threw her head back and moaned. After what seemed like an eternity he brought his mouth back to hers as she ran her hands through his hair. He took her robe completely off, then picked her up and laid her down on the bed, propping himself on top of her. He looked her up and down, moving his hands down the length of her body. She pulled him back up to her, kissing him, letting their tongues massage each other. She moved her hands down his back then down further, reaching the waistband of his boxers. She pulled them off and threw them aside. She flipped him onto his back and began kissing from his collar bone, down to his chest, stopping inches below his belly button, leaving him wanting more. Taking over Brady moved on top of Chloe, kissing her. They looked into each other's eyes. He quickly out the condom on and she spread her legs for him to enter her. He began rocking back and forth and she met him thrust for thrust. They kissed and he took her breasts in his hands, massaging them, causing her to scream his name. They finally came together, covered in sweat, holding each other. She held him on top of her, wanting him to stay inside her.

    "I love you, Chloe. I love you so much."

    "I love you too, Brady," she said before they drifted off to sleep.

    Chloe awoke from her wonderful dream, flushed, when she heard a knock on the door. She got up from the sofa in the living room and opened the door to find the man of her dreams, literally, standing there smiling with one long stemmed, red rose.

    "Hey," he said smiling. She pulled him in quickly and kissed him, hard. He dropped the flower and held her, kissing her back. She pulled apart, not letting go of him, and looked at him.

    "Sorry, I, I, just missed you, I guess," she gave a little half smile.

    "That was pretty intense, Chloe. And I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but didn't that hurt? I know you're jaw is still sore."

    "Yeah, it did. I didn't really think about it. I just saw you standing there and couldn't help myself."

    "Well, I'm kind of glad you couldn't," he kissed her bruised cheek softly.

    "Why aren't you at work?"

    "Dad said I was being to help at all, so he sent me home. We're not completely open for business yet anyway. There's not really anything for me to do until then. They're still working on getting the offices set up. Plus, I had lunch with Grandpa Vic."

    "What did he have to say?"

    "Well, it was interesting. He asked me about you and how I felt about you. I told him that I love you and that we're together and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Then we talked about what Philip did and how he is."

    "Did he say where he is?"

    "No. But he agrees that you and Philip were wrong. He said he respects you for standing up to Uncle Phil and he wished us luck with our relationship. He says we're welcome at the house anytime we feel like dropping by."

    "Brady you don't think he's trying anything, do you?"

    "No, no, I thought about that and I now my Grandpa pretty well. He was serious. I could tell that he's really pissed off with Phil for what he did."

    "Well, it's nice he finally accepts me. I'd rather he accept me with you than with Philip. So, he doesn't think I'm after your money?"

    "No, he knows that I'm smart enough to figure out a gold digger."

    "Oh, I have to meet Belle and Shawn. I told them I'd meet them at Dot Com after school," Chloe suddenly remembered.

    "Well, it may not be a chariot, but I just so happen to have this hip and happenin' somewhat new car," Brady said taking her by the hand and leading her outside. They drove off headed towards Dot Com.

    Jan sat in her room, again thinking about Paul and what had happened, when the phone rang.


    "Jan, it's Philip, I need a favor."

    "What do you want?"

    "That's what you're going to help me with."

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