Making Their Future
    Part Three


    Brady and Chloe reached the penthouse to find it completely empty. They made their way quickly up to his bedroom and he locked the door behind them.

    "Just in case," he grinned.

    "I missed you," she said.

    "I haven't gone anywhere." "Being with you, I mean. I've really missed being with you. I love you, Brady. More than anything, I love you."

    "I love you too, Chloe. I always will." With that said he pulled her into a fierce kiss.

    She began to undo his tie, midnight blue to match his shirt, with black slacks. He unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head leaving her in a white lace bra and thong. As he kissed her he unclasped her bra and removed it, throwing it aside. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist to hold on. She pressed herself closer to him, feeling the bulge in his pants grow. He moved his mouth from her lips, down her neck, until he reached her breasts, sucking them, driving them both insane with desire. She moaned into his neck, which would later show signs of where her mouth had been. She took a moment to unbutton his shirt, tearing a few buttons off in her rush to get the article off of him, and threw it to the ground, along with his tie.

    "I want you so much," she breathed.

    He responded by placing her on the bed and moving his mouth back to her breasts. She moved her hands down his chest, reaching his belt buckle, which she promptly undid, then unzipped his pants, moving her hand to caress him.

    She smiled at the look on his face, which was one of pure pleasure, almost as if she had brought them into their own world. In a way they were in their world, right now they were the only two that mattered and they were focusing on one thing. That one thing was quite evident when Chloe removed Brady's pants and boxers, leaving him naked and in all his glory. She loved looking at him, seeing him when it was clear how much he wanted her. He looked into her eyes, seeing love and want. Taking a cue he removed her thong, slid a condom on, and entered her. He always went in slowly, knowing she was new at this, he was her only lover and he wanted to take care of her.

    It had been weeks since they were one in this sense and Chloe was tired of waiting. She didn't want to take things slowly, so she began to raise her hips. Getting the idea, Brady began to thrust faster and harder. Both covered in sweat, waited until the last possible moment before they both came together.

    She brought her hand to his blonde hair and moved it down his face, resting on his cheek. She smiled at him with all the love in her heart before kissing him softly, sweetly. Reluctantly, she removed her legs from his waist and he removed himself from her body. They laid in each other's arms for quite some time, just wanting to be together.

    "Want to take a shower?" Chloe propped herself up on her elbow and looked at him.

    "Okay," he answered.

    They showered together, continuing their activities, then dressed together in his room. They were about to leave when the phone rang.


    "Brady, it's Natalia. I have something for Chloe."

    "It came in?"

    "Yeah, and it's more than you expected. Why don't you two come down to the office and we'll talk."

    "See you there," he said hanging up the phone. He turned to Chloe, "That was Natalia. She got the results."

    "I guess this is it," Chloe bit her lip and looked down at the floor, then to Brady.

    "Are you sure you want to do this, Chloe?"

    "Yes. I have to know, Brady. I'll be okay, no matter what. I have you."

    "You always will," he said as they left the penthouse.

    They got to Basic Black and sat in Natalia's office.

    ĎAre you two ready for the news? I guarantee this is going to change things," Natalia warned.

    "I've got to know," Chloe answered. With that said, Natalia handed her a file. Chloe read it up and down, scanning the scientific dribble, until she came to the name of her father. It read a very familiar name. "Oh my God. Is this for real?"

    "Yeah. He was arrested once for disturbing the peace. Just a college prank, but he's still on file. Well?"

    "I never expected this. I mean, my mom's book said that Daniel Miller was my father."

    "Who does it say your father is, Chloe?"

    "It doesn't just say it. Those are the results. You two are a perfect match," Natalia said.

    "Brady, it says that Craig is my father."

    "Wow. I guess he and Nancy never knew," Brady sighed.

    "There's more," Natalia told them, leaning back in her chair. "I probably shouldn't be the one to tell you this, but I like you. I actually shouldn't have had that DNA test done. But, Chloe, when we took your blood, we found something. We weren't looking but when my friend from the lab found it he told me and asked if I knew. I didn't, and I am fairly certain that you two don't either."

    "You're beginning to scare me, Natalia," Chloe chuckled softly.

    "Well, um, there really is only one way to do this."

    "Do what, Natalia?" Brady grabbed onto Chloe's hand.

    "Chloe, you're pregnant," Natalia blurted out.

    "That's impossible," Chloe said.

    "No, um, no it isn't. You're pregnant. I shouldn't have but when I was told I had the test done a second time. And then a third time. You're pregnant. A little over a month along. I take it this wasn't planned?"

    "You can say that again," Chloe said.

    "Thanks, Natalia. I think Chloe and I need to go talk."

    "Yeah, that's a good idea. Thanks, Natalia," Chloe said standing up, taking the file with her.

    Brady held her hand as they walked down the hall to his office. He locked the door behind them.

    "We were careful. We used protection every time," she said softly.

    "I guess one of them was defective. That'll teach us to buy American," he tried to joke his way out of it. He noticed it wasn't working and pulled Chloe over to the black leather couch and sat facing her. "Look, I know this is a lot to digest right not, but Chloe, I already know what I want to do."

    "What's that, Brady?"

    "I want us to raise our baby together. I want us to be a family. I have money saved up. From the settlement there's still some, and from my paycheck here, and when my trust fund kicks in. I can find us a place to live. We'll be okay. If that's what you want, that is."

    "Brady, I could never give this bay up. This is my chance to make sure that someone is spared the life I had. We're going to take care of our baby and be a family," she began to cry. He held her and she sobbed awhile. "I'm scared, Brady."

    "I know, I know. This is new territory for both of us. But we'll learn together as we go along."

    "I love you, Brady."

    "I love you too. You know. This is a planned pregnancy, Chloe. I planned for it. I just didn't plan on it this soon. We'll be okay," he said, kissing her forehead.

    "I want us to go tell my parents. I need to get that over with," She said, wiping the tears. He stood and got a tissue form his desk and handed it to her.

    They got to the Wesley house and as soon as they walked in Nancy pounced on them.

    "Dinner's ready. I made extra for Brady, I knew you'd be here. Come on before it gets cold," she said, ushering them into the dining room where Craig was already seated. Chloe set the file folder in her lap and looked at Brady, who smiled reassuringly at her. Craig and Nancy made their usual flirtatious shit chat as Brady and Chloe looked at each other uneasily. Chloe decided to wait until the meal was nearly over before breaking her news - all of it. Craig took his last bite and Chloe looked at Nancy. She lifted the file folder and handed it to Nancy.

    "What's this?"

    "I had a DNA test done. See, when you guys were gone I found your baby book in the closet, mom. Brady and I know an F.B.I. agent who works for Basic Black. She had the test done. We picked that up before we got here."

    "Oh my God," Nancy said softly.

    "What is it, sweetheart?"

    "This is the best possible news," Nancy cried.

    Craig walked over to her and began to read. "Oh my God," he repeated his wife's statement.

    "That's what I said," Chloe told them.

    Craig looked at them both, then at Nancy. "Nancy, you said there was no possible way she could be mine."

    "Craig, you know as well as I do that you and I were always careful."

    "Chloe, this is completely accurate?" Craig looked up at his daughter.

    "Yeah, completely."

    "Well, then. It doesn't change much," Craig said.

    Nancy looked confused. "What does that mean?" "It just means that I already thought of Chloe as a daughter. This just makes it real."

    "Thanks, Craig," Chloe said.

    "We're a family," Nancy beamed.

    Brady cleared his throat and looked at Chloe. She knew what he wanted her to do, but she shook her head no. She wanted her parents to revel in this moment for a while longer.

    Nancy smiled and stood, "I'll go get desert." She returned shortly with ice cream for them all.

    They all ate, making light conversation.

    "There's a hospital fund-raiser in two weeks. I would like my family there," Craig said. "You are, of course, invited as well, Brady."

    "Thank you, Dr. Wesley," Brady said looking at Chloe.

    "What day, sweetheart?" Nancy took a bite.

    "I'm going to have a baby," Chloe announced quietly. At first it didn't register with Craig and Nancy.

    "Thursday," Craig answered his wife.

    "I'm going to have a baby," Chloe repeated.

    "I heard you, dear," Nancy said. "What time, Craig? You're what?! Chloe Lane, that it not funny."

    "I know. It isn't a joke. Brady and I are going to have a baby," she softly told them. She locked eyes with Brady. Nancy stood and ran toward him.

    "I'm going to kill you," she screamed, putting her hands around his throat. Craig pulled her off of him and took her to the sofa to calm her down. "What did he do to our baby, Craig. He's making our baby have a baby. I'll kill him, Craig."

    "Calm down, Nancy. Give them a chance to explain."

    Hearing what Craig had said Brady and Chloe walked into the room and sat down, holding hands.

    "Dr. And Mrs. Wesley, you have to know that I love Chloe more than anything. I would never do anything to hurt her. We didn't plan on having children this soon, but we're going to take care of this baby and love it and make sure it has everything it needs."

    "Chloe, you told your mother and I that you always used protection. We trusted you. We knew we couldn't stop you from sleeping with Brady. You were up-front and even asked us for birth control pills for more assurance. What happened?"

    "We did use a condom, every time. We have never made love without one. And I've been on the pill. We have taken every precaution. I guess one of the condoms must have been broken or something."

    "Broken or something, broken or something? Broken or something is making me a grandmother," Nancy exclaimed.

    "What about you two?" Chloe looked at her parents.

    "What about us?" Craig had his hands on Nancy's shoulders.

    "Well, you said you were careful every time you made love and here I am. You guys know better than anyone. Mistakes happen," Chloe defended herself. "I love Brady, I love our child, and we're going to do this together. With or without your support. Come on, Brady," Chloe stood up and took Brady's hand, leading him out the front door.

    "I'll take care of her," he told Craig and Nancy before they closed the door behind them.

    Brady drove them somewhere he knew they could think and talk. They sat on the bench by the gazebo in silence for a few minutes.

    "I can't believe she tried to strangle you," Chloe nearly screamed.

    "Chloe, she doesn't mean it. If she hardly touched me. There was nothing in her grip."

    "But still. Why can't she take this rationally? It isn't like we don't have the means to take care of the baby and what happened isn't all that different from what happened between her and Craig. The only difference is that we're going to keep our baby."

    "I know, I know. Chloe, your parents have a pretty big day. We found out who your father was and you told them we're going to be parents. If you give them some time, everything will be okay. We'll be fine."

    "I know. I'm just venting, Brady. Thanks for listening."

    "What am I here for?"

    "You serve many purposes," she said sitting on his lap, taking his face in her hands and kissing him. They were interrupted by Chloe's cell phone ringing. "Hello?"

    "Chloe, it's Belle."

    "Hey, Belle."

    "So, can you and Brady come pick me up? Shawn's parents aren't back yet and I have to get my homework done and as much as I'd love to stay, it's kind of hard getting work done here."

    "Does this have to do with a crying baby or making out with Shawn?"

    "Well, it could be a little of both," Belle giggled.

    "Hold on," Chloe turned to Brady. "Can we go pick up Belle?"

    "Yeah," he answered.

    "We'll be there in a few minutes. Oh, and Belle, we have something to tell you."

    They hung up and Brady and Chloe picked Belle up. They were driving away from Shawn's street when Belle leaned forward and tapped Chloe on the shoulder.

    "What's this news you wanted to tell me?"

    Before Brady knew what was going on a car ran the stop sign on front of him and he had to slam on the brakes. The jeep went spinning out of control until Brady could finally get it to stop. He turned to look at Belle.

    "Are you okay, Tink?"

    "Yeah, yeah."

    "Chloe?" He looked at her and saw her unconscious slumped over in the seat. "Chloe? Chloe, wake up!"

    "Brady, what's wrong?"

    "I don't know, I don't know. Come on, Chloe, wake up," he gently shook her. "She's out cold. She must have hit her head or something."

    "Is this thing going to drive?"

    "It should," he answered.

    "Then get her to the hospital. I'll call her parents and mom and dad on our way there," Belle said. "She'll be okay, Brady."

    Brady quickly drove to the hospital.

    Chloe found herself standing in a park she didn't recognize. She was wearing a simple, white, spaghetti-strapped dress. She looked around and saw a woman in a white dress.

    "I recognize you," Chloe said.

    "Yes," the woman answered.

    "From the picture in the penthouse. You're Brady's mother."


    "Am I dead? I'm hoping you say something other than yes this time."

    "You aren't dead. You're just unconscious. I needed to talk to you. Don't worry, you'll wake up in a bit and you'll be fine."

    "What about the baby? Brady and I are going to have a baby. Is the baby okay?"

    "The baby is fine. It's beautiful and grow up to be a wonderful person."

    "You can see that?"

    "I saw you in Brady's life long before you came into it."

    "So, what is this? Heaven?"

    "No, no, no one sees heaven until they die. You're accident was minor. I would have never caused anything bigger."

    "You made that happen?"

    "I needed a way to talk to you. I probably should have found a better way, but don't worry. We're just going to talk."

    "What do you want to talk about?"

    "My son."

    "He's great. He grew up well. He's a good man. I'm lucky to have him. I never knew I could be so in love with a person. It's scary sometimes."

    "He feels the same way about you. I just wanted to thank you for bringing out all the good in him. He was so angry that he forgot how to enjoy life. You've brought that out in him."

    "He brought it out in me. I'd do anything for him."

    "He would for you, too."

    "What else do you see for he and I? I have sort of a bad history and this is the one thing that I would hate more than anything to end. I think I would die if it did."

    "Don't worry about anything. You're both being watched over. You'll be just fine."

    Brady ran into the hospital carrying Chloe. He found the nearest doctor and placed Chloe on a bed the doctor showed him to. Coming up behind him, having already gotten their were Shawn, John and Marlena and Chloe's parents.

    The doctor looked at Brady, who refused to let go of her hand. "What happened?"

    "This car came out of no where and I hit the brakes and we swerved. I looked over and she was out cold. I don't get it, my sister and I are fine and the car's fine. It's just her."

    "We'll take a look at her. All of her vitals seem to be good. Is she allergic to any medication?"

    "No, none," Nancy answered.

    "She's pregnant," Brady told him.

    "Thank you, Mrs. Wesley. Dr. Wesley, do you want to take over?"

    "Go ahead," Craig told the doctor.

    The doctor ushered everyone out of the room to take a look at Chloe.

    John turned to Brady.

    "Son, what do you mean Chloe is pregnant?"

    Brady was watching through the window of the door to Chloe's room.

    "She's having my baby."

    "Brady, is that what you two were going to tell me?"

    "Yeah. It is."

    Marlena stood next to Shawn. "I thought you were babysitting?"

    "My parents came home earlier than they were supposed to," he whispered.

    "I'm sure she'll be fine. She's strong," Marlena said.

    The doctor came out of them room.

    "I can't figure out why she's not awake. I found no signs of any head injury, there's nothing. But she is starting to come around. One of you can go in."

    "Go ahead, Brady," Nancy said.

    "Thank you," he whispered, the walked into her room. She looked up at him as he walked in. "Welcome back."

    "I had the weirdest dream, Brady. Only, I don't think it was a dream. I think it was real."

    "What happened?"

    "You're mom and I talked in some park. She said she caused the accident so that she could talk to me, then she thanked me for being with you and told us our baby turned out beautifully."

    "Wow. That's, wow."

    "I know."

    "You scared me, Chloe."

    "I'm fine."

    "You look fine, but I want to doctor to look at you and the baby before we go home."

    "That's a good idea," Craig said from the doorway. "I'll be right back."

    Nancy stepped inside and stood on the other side of the bed from Brady.

    "I want to apologize for attacking you, Brady. But if you do anything to hurt my little girl and my grandchild I really will strangle you."

    "Thanks, mom," Chloe said. Craig returned with some sort of machine and led the others into the room.

    "I know this is sort of a private moment, but I thought this would be a good idea to do this now," he said turning the machine on and taking out some other things. "Lift your gown, Chloe, a little above your belly button."

    "What are you doing?" She did as told.

    He smiled and put some of the gel on her stomach, spreading it around. He took the wand and moved it around on her stomach.

    "That's the baby?" Brady was holding Chloe's hand as they looked at the screen.

    "It's so small," Chloe smiled.

    "That's my niece," Belle beamed.

    "It might be a boy," Shawn offered.

    "It'll be a girl," Belle protested.

    "Whatever it is it'll be beautiful," Nancy began to tear up.

    "Son, I don't want to bring this up now, but I have to. I'm your father and that's a fact. Have you and Chloe discussed how you're going to take care of this baby?"

    "John, let them enjoy this. That's your first grandchild's first picture," Marlena scolded him.

    "Thanks, Marlena. And, yeah, dad, we have talked about it," Brady said.

    Chloe was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health and she and Brady went to her house. Before, though, they stopped at the Kiriakis mansion to deliver something and share their news.

    After they had left Victor made a few plan, then picked up the phone.


    "Philip, this is your father."

    "Hey, dad. What's up?"

    "Well, Brady and Chloe told me of your plan to break them up and you are going to stop immediately."

    "Why do you let Brady date her and not me?"

    "She and Brady are very much in love, son. She makes him happier than I ever thought he would be after his mother's death. Son, in a few moments an envelope will be delivered to you."

    "Hold on, there's someone at the door."

    "Is it the envelope?"


    "Open it, Philip."

    "It's a picture. A bad one. Is this one of those baby pictures?"

    "Yes, yes it is. It's Brady and Chloe's baby."

    "What? You're kidding. This isn't true. Dad, she loves me."

    "Philip, you have to stop this. You are no longer to interfere with Brady and Chloe. That picture you have is my great grandchild and you are not to affect that child's happiness. If you do, so help me, I will cut you off with nothing and disown you. Do you understand me, Philip?"


    "Good night then, Philip."

    "Night, dad." Philip hung up the phone and crumpled the picture throwing it in the trash.

    Chloe and Brady sat on the Wesley's sofa.

    "What do you thin we should name the baby?"

    "Brady, we don't even know if it's going to be a boy or a girl."

    "We can still pick out names."

    "I love you," she said before kissing him.

    "I love you. And our baby. Did I mention I love our baby?"

    She placed her hand over her stomach and smiled at him. She was happy and content.

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