Tricks, Treats, and Tenderness

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    Author's Notes: This is an entry to a challenge going on at the Teens of Days fan fiction board to have Broe's first kiss on a holday. Mimi and Kevin's costume were a choice between what they're wearing, or Santa and Mrs. Claus.


    Halloween was approaching, the fall air was crisp. Salem High had plans to have their biggest and best dance yet. Belle Black had other plans. Being the sweet and perpetually happy person she was, she planned on having a Halloween party the night before the school's. The school would have there's on a Saturday, Belle would throw her party on a Friday night. Belle had always been one to be able to talk her parents into anything and convincing them this party was a good idea was no trouble whatsoever. Belle's reasoning behind a party? Her best friend Mimi had been banned form all school function and so that Mimi could have a little Halloween fun with her boyfriend, Kevin, gave Belle a chance to hold a great costume party. John and Marlena Black rented out the finest hall Salem had to offer and the kids were having a blast decorating it. An assortment of ghosts, goblin, ghouls, witches, vampires, bats, and pumpkins hung from the walls. Spider webs were found everywhere, there was even smoke billowing around the floor, creating an eerie atmosphere. At least that's what Belle hoped it would look like.

    Belle's other best friend was not so enthusiastic about this. Chloe Lane did not have the best track record with school dances. This was school sanctioned, but the same sort of event was plausible. It took a lot of poking and prodding by Belle to get her friend to go. What seemed to do the trick was one conversation that was had between the two, the day before the party.

    "Chloe, you have to come. It'll be fun."

    "Belle, you know what's happened the past two times I tried social functions of this magnitude. You have the entire school coming. This only spells trouble."

    "You sound just like Brady. I had to literally twist his arm to get him to come."

    "Brady's going?"


    "As what?"

    "He won't tell me. You guys have become really good friends."

    "He was there for me this summer after everything with Philip."

    "He's still bummed you too aren't back together."

    "Philip will get over it. I just don't love him the way he loves me."

    "And it's a lesson he has to learn," Brady said through the doorway.

    "Brady, what do you want?" Belle threw a pillow at her brother, who promptly caught it threw it back, all the while looking straight at Chloe. She also stared. And Belle noticed. "You two should go together. You're such good friends."

    "Yeah, I'll keep anything bad from happening to you, Chloe," he smiled at her.

    "I don't know."

    "It'll be fun."

    "But you two have to dress up and you have be dressed as a couple. All couples at the dance have to go as a couple."

    "We aren't a couple, Belle," Brady said, though silently wishing they were.

    "But you're going together. So, it's settled. You guys will work on your costumes, I have to meet Shawn. Bye," Belle ran out of the room before Brady and Chloe could stop her.

    "Guess we should think of a costume," he said.

    "That might help," she said.

    "Guess she roped us into this."


    "It could be fun. I'll look out for you, Chloe. You know I will."

    "I trust you, Brady."

    Finally the party arrived. No one had no idea what anyone was going as. The place looked exactly as Belle had planned. The music was blaring, everyone was dancing and having a good time. Everyone agreed that there was no way that the school dance would have anything on this.

    Shawn and Belle stood towards the edge of the dance floor waiting for their friends. Belle had on a white dress, platinum blonde wig, and a mole on her face. Shawn was dressed in a New York Yankee's uniform.

    "Who are you guys dressed as?" Mimi walked up to them.

    "Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio," Shawn answered. "And what exactly are you, Mimi?"

    Mimi was dressed in a leopard print bra and skirt. Kevin was wearing a loin cloth, leopard print.

    "We're Tarzan and Jane," Mimi answered.

    "Um, Mimi, can I talk to you?" Belle took her friend by the arm and led her away. "Meems, how did you get Kevin to wear a loin cloth?"

    "Belle, look at him. He's gorgeous. I told him it would be a fun idea and he agreed. He's always up for something new."

    "I never thought I'd see the day Kevin Lambert would be dressed as Tarzan."

    "You and Shawn look great," Mimi said. "Thanks, have you seen Chloe or Brady?"

    "No, why? Is she coming?"

    "I got her to come with Brady."

    "What's up with those two?"

    "I don't know."

    Finally, after not standing and twiddling their thumbs, Shawn and Kevin came back to their dates.

    "I think it's time we dance," Shawn said.

    As he said it Brady and Chloe walked in. They spotted Belle and the others and made their way over. Brady was wearing blue jeans, cuffed at the ankle, a white tee shirt, black leather shoes, and a red nylon jacket. Chloe was the picture of nineteen fifties high school girl.

    "What are you guys?" Mimi looked them up and down, noticing that they were holding hands.

    "James Dean and Natalie Wood in ‘Rebel Without a Cause'. But not the real people," Chloe said.

    "Yeah. James Dean was gay and died in a car accident. Natalie Wood drowned," Brady said.

    "You're definitely not them," Belle smiled.

    "Who are you again?" Shawn scratched his head.

    "Wait, wait, is that one of the movies mom and dad watch on the old movie channel?"

    "Yeah, Belle, that's it." Brady caught site of Philip across the room, dressed in a tux and glaring daggers at him. "What's Uncle Philly supposed to be."

    "James Bond," Shawn explained.

    The song changed and Belle took Shawn's hand.

    "This is the best song," she squealed. "We have to dance, Shawn."

    They headed to the dance floor, as did Mimi and Kevin.

    Brady and Chloe looked at each other, still holding hands. They didn't really notice they were holding hands, they were comfortable.

    "May I have this dance?"

    "You may," she answered, as they walked hand and hand somewhere near Belle and Shawn and Kevin and Mimi. The song, ‘Helplessly, Hopelessly' by Jessica Andrews, was in full swing as he held her in his arms. She felt safe there.

    The song progressed and soon they were no longer dancing, but looking into each other's eyes. They felt like they were floating as they looked at each other. They saw the same thing in one another's eyes. They saw love, apprehension, and passion.

    Their minds were on the same page because they decided to end their apprehension and inched closer and closer until there was less than a centimeter between them. Taking one last breath before plunging in head first, she moved her hands to his cheek. The gap between them was soon closed as they shared their first kiss. It was soft. They had both wanted this for quite some time, but they didn't want to rush into anything. It showed in the kiss. It was sweet, showing the love they both felt and the trust. They pulled a part and looked into each other's eyes. Both had an immense feeling of joy. A weight had been lifted off of their shoulders.

    Smiling at each other, they brought their lips together again. This time the kiss was deeper, far more intense and passionate and unlike anything they had ever felt before.

    By this time the song had ended and an upbeat one had begun. Since they were standing so close together and not dancing they were noticeable. All of their friends, and some enemies, were staring with their mouths wide open. This went entirely unnoticed by Brady and Chloe. They were lost in their own world. Brady had done what he had set out to do that night. He had protected Chloe. And for all of her memorable social gathering experiences, this would go down as the best.

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