Welcoming Their Future

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    Summary: The final chapter of the Future series.

    Author's Notes: This is a sequel to ‘Making Their Future' and takes place right where that one left off.


    Brady sat on the sofa in the Penthouse, flipping through channels, not staying on one thing for more than two seconds. Just long enough to see if it would capture his attention. John walked in and stood behind his son to see what was happening.

    "You just brought Chloe from the hospital, I thought you two would be inseparable. Especially after the baby news."

    "You trust me, right, dad?"

    "Of course, son. I'm just worried. You aren't even twenty. Chloe isn't even legally an adult and you two are about to become parents."

    "I love her."

    "Do you believe it is that simple?"

    "Yes. But she and I have the means to raise the baby. I have money saved up, I'm holding a steady job. She and I can do this."

    "What about college?"

    "I honestly don't know if I'll go back. But right now that isn't a priority. I'm going to work, save money, make a home for my family, and get enough money to send both Chloe and the baby to school. That's what's important for I do anything for myself. Dad, if you were in my position, I know you would do the same thing. Especially if you loved her even half as much as I love Chloe."

    "You two will be just fine and that's a fact," John said.

    "Thanks, dad."

    "So, where is Chloe?"

    "Upstairs with Belle. Tink decided that Chloe and Mimi needed to get closer so it's girl's night. I've been ordered to stay put."

    The doorbell rang and John went to answer it. He found Shawn standing there with Mimi.

    "Well, what can I do for you two? Mimi, I suppose you're here for Belle. She and Chloe are upstairs. Go ahead up."

    "Thanks, Mr. Black."

    "Belle left her physic book at my house. I know she didn't have any homework in that class, but I thought she might want it," Shawn told John.

    "Go ahead up," John said again.

    Within two minutes Shawn was back downstairs, looking at the screen. Brady had finally decided on something and found that "Spartacus" was on.

    "That looks like "Gladiator". Only older," Shawn said.

    "It's "Spartacus". Almost the same premise. Have a seat, watch with us," Brady offered.

    "Make yourself comfortable," John added.

    Shawn sat next to Brady who was next to John as they watched the film.

    Upstairs Belle, Chloe, and Mimi were sitting in their pajamas, giggling, talking about whatever. The whole time Chloe kept putting her hand to her stomach.

    "You keep doing that," Mimi observed.

    "I can't help it. I mean, it's just a really weird feeling to know that someone is growing inside of your body. Someday it's going to grow up to be our size, but right now it's the size of a peanut."

    "Do you feel anything different?" Belle was sitting Indian-style on the bed.

    "Not really, not yet. I have been throwing up and feeling nauseous in the mornings for a week or so now. Guess I should have figured it out."

    "Not if you were careful," Mimi excused it.

    "Yeah. You should have seen the look on Brady's face when my mom tried to strangle him."

    "I would have paid admission," Mimi laughed.

    "I'm going to be an aunt," Belle gushed. "You know, Chloe, when I said you and Brady should get married and have kids I didn't mean now."

    "Trust me, Belle. No one expected this."

    "I remember when my mom brought Connor home. He was so cute and tiny and pink and wrinkly. He cried a lot, spit up."

    "Gee, Meems, I'm sure that's what Chloe wants to look forward too."

    "But he turned into a great kid. And when he wasn't spitting up and crying he was really cute. He used to grab onto my hair and laugh and giggle and smile."

    "Thanks, Mimi."

    "Also, Chloe, I would like to take this time to let you know that I no longer feel threatened. We can both be Belle's best friend. You are not the terrible witch I thought you were."

    "Thanks, Mimi. I think. Anyway, same goes for me too. You're turning out to be a nice friend to have."

    "See, I told you guys you could be friends."

    "That's because you're always happy, Belle," Mimi smiled.

    "Whatever, so, are you and Kevin going out tomorrow night?"

    "Of course. I can't believe I'm dating the school nerd. Not that he's a nerd, but you know what I mean."

    The girls spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, and having fun as Shawn, Brady, and John watched their movie.

    Days, weeks, and months went by and Chloe had entered her eighth month without incident. She and Brady had made all of their doctor's appointments, went to lamas and made sure they did everything right. In Chloe's fourth month Brady started home hunting. At first he checked out apartment after apartment then, driving down the street leading to Shawn's house after dropping off Belle, he saw a small house that looked perfect. It was right next to Shawn's house, in fact. It was a two story little thing that happened to have a for sale sign right in front.

    Turns out the house was in a state of disrepair and the owners wanted to find someone to take it off of their hands. They sold it to Brady cheap and he set about fixing it up. By Chloe's seventh month he had it looking like brand new with the help from Shawn, Kevin, and John. Victor had chipped in and sent workers and supplies done. No one told Chloe, or Belle, what was going on. Finally, on the day it was ready, furniture and nursery and all, Brady took Chloe to the front door, carrying her through the threshold. She immediately loved it and they had lived there ever since.

    She had begun to home school two months into, doing nothing but school work. She finally finished high school on her own and focused all of her attention on her and Brady's baby. They had decided that even though they were very much in love and would never be apart, they weren't quite ready to get married. They were perfectly happy the way they were.

    In her eighth month, with her due date fast approaching, Chloe was still quite small. She gained only fourteen pounds, ate right, exercised, and got plenty of sleep. She and Brady read a variety of books and constantly listened to opera to expose the baby to the arts.

    Belle was there almost every day, now that she had finished her senior year. She, Shawn, Mimi, and even Kevin would be attending Salem University in the fall to stay close to each other. Belle did all of Chloe's housework those days to make sure that her friend did nothing. Some days Mimi would help out. Belle and Shawn were named godparents and took their responsibility very seriously, making sure that the baby would be spoiled, even before it was born. Brady was even worse. He had filled the nursery with anything and everything a baby could need or want. They still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, they were waiting to be surprised, but the toys and things Brady bought could suit either gender.

    With two weeks left Chloe was laying on the couch with her feet in Brady's lap and Belle and Mimi in chairs nearby. Chloe had the house like an ice house, it was a very cold fifty-two degrees. Perfect for the pregnant lady, miserable for her friends and lover, who were all in winter coats.

    Suddenly, Chloe sat up and placed her hand over her stomach. She looked at Brady, who had a very shocked look on his face.

    "My water broke," she said.

    "I'll get you another glass," Mimi offered, standing and going near the kitchen.

    "Not that water, Mimi," Belle nearly screamed. "Brady, get her to the car. Mimi, get the suitcase and I'll start calling everyone." Within two minutes they were in the Jeep on their way to the hospital. The entire way there Belle was on the phone. She called Craig and Nancy, then John and Marlena. Victor was called, then Kevin and Shawn.

    They reached the hospital and Brady and Chloe headed to the delivery room while Belle and Mimi waited for everyone else to get there. When they all arrived they went upstairs to wait.

    Meanwhile Chloe had decided to have a natural birth and was huffing and puffing while holding Brady's hand.

    The doctor looked at the couple, then towards his work. "Chloe, you're fully dilated, so I want you to start pushing."

    She did as told and the harder she pushed the stronger her grasp on Brady's hand.

    "Brady Victor Black, you are never to touch me again, do you understand," she screamed.

    He looked at her, a little frightened, "Everything's going to be okay, Chloe. You can do this. I know you can."

    "Shut up," she spewed.

    "It's crowning," the doctor said. "One more big push, Chloe."

    She did, screaming her head off. The next sound that was heard was that of a baby crying. Chloe fell into Brady's chest, damp with sweat, tears flowing, smile broad. He too was smiling.

    "It's a girl," the doctor announced.

    The nurse handed Brady a pair of scissors, which he looked at in confusion.

    "For the chord," she explained.

    "Oh," he said, cutting the chord. The baby was taken, checked out, and placed in a blanket, then handed to her mother.

    Brady and Chloe looked down at their daughter, who stopped crying the minute she looked up at her parents. A pair of blue eyes gazed up at the couple. She had the slightest patch of dark blonde hair.

    "Wow," Brady said. "You're amazing, Chloe. She's gorgeous."

    "We made this, Brady. We made her. She's us."

    After spending a few minutes with their daughter Brady went to the waiting room where their family was. John and Marlena were there, Craig and Nancy, Mimi and Kevin, Shawn and Belle, Victor and Nicole.

    "A girl, six pounds, three ounces, sixteen inches," he said before leaving them all there to go back to his family.

    The next day everyone who had been there before walked into Chloe's room. The hospital requested she stay there a little bit since she was a little early. She and the baby had been given a clean bill of health, as had her mother. Brady laid on the bed next to Chloe, both of them holding their little girl, when their family and friends walked in. Greetings and hugs were made, lots of oohs and aahs over the baby.

    "What did you name her?" Kevin was the first to ask that. It hadn't even dawned on anyone else.

    "We thought long and hard about this," Brady said.

    "And finally we decided on Sadie Isabella Black," Chloe finished.

    "She's beautiful," Belle said.

    Chloe looked at Nancy and Craig and smiled. "Do you want to hold her?"

    "Yes," Nancy answered immediately.

    Craig took the baby from Chloe's arms and he and Nancy held her and smiled.

    "Your mother and I are so proud of you, Chloe," Craig said. It almost looked like he was tearing up at the site of his first grandchild.

    Everyone was given the chance to hold Sadie, spending hours in there visiting and talking.

    Chloe and the baby were finally allowed to go home and she and Brady sat on their bed, holding their daughter.

    "Do you believe this, Chloe?"

    "Not really. Not yet. I mean, she's home, she's ours, but it's still so surreal. I understand love at first site now."

    "We both loved her the second we laid eyes on her. Chloe, thank you so much for giving me this. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me aside from meeting and being with you."

    "You gave her to me too."

    "What do you think we make another one?"

    "Slow down there. We just brought Sadie home. Let's work on taking care of her first."

    "I was kidding."

    "I know."

    "Actually I was only half kidding."

    "I know."

    "I love you."

    "I love you too."


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