Though they have yet to kiss, Brady and Chloe have had some good moments. Here are out favorites...

~~Brady and Chloe - These are the Moments~~

Sound of Music

A beautiful gazeebo, lovely lighting, the sound of music hits Salem. Brady brought Chloe there to cheer her up. Together they sang Sixteen Going on Seventeen and Favorite Things, bringing them closer to one another.

Music of the Night

Chloe asked Brady if her singing at the gazeebo impressed him. When he said no she tried to show him she could, he interrupted. She told him to show her how to sing with emotion and feeling. He did.


It was a short moment, but important none the less. Mimi and Chloe were fighting and it resorted to physical violence. Brady went to brake it up and Chloe was knocked down on top of him. Even Meems noticed the sparks. A near kiss, but not quite.


Brady promised Chloe he would help her with her singing. So they headed to one of her least favorite places, Salem High. To get her to show some emotion he told her tell him about her past. She did. He's the only person that she has let in enough to know that pain.

Head Over Heels Head Over Heels Head Over Heels Head Over Heels

Brady saw Chloe while she got ready for the Last Blast Dance. He was going with Nicole, she was going with Philip. He still went head over heels for her...

A Moment

It was a small touch. But it said so much. She had just told Philip to get lost. Then she asked about his love life. Not saying because she wanted to know how he felt about her, but it implied enough. They agreed they would make time for them since their freindship had become so strong.

Love Her

They'd gone and picked out a car for Brady and were sitting and talking. He said this to her:
"Someday you'll meet someone who does know you. And loves what he knows. And loves what he sees."

Chance Meeting

After getting off of the plane to Puerto Rico because Philip had shown up Chloe thought she was going to have to find her own way home to spend a lonely summer with no one to hang out with. She found Brady there and a beautiful friendship became the result.


They were opening up to one another and there was a step to get Chloe to break down her wall. Her glasses were broken and tossed aside and throughout the summer she was open to Brady.


It is a great man that will comfort you when you're crying over your mean ex-boyfriend. He did, because he loves her and knew she needed him. Even Shawn and Belle noticed the sparks and the conncection between them.


Chloe asked Brady to take her to do something she'd never done before. They went bowling and after giving her a few bad pointers, all in jest, they had a wonderful time. Even when Craig and Nancy joined the game with them. Nancy and Chloe ended up beating Craig and Brady.

Snowball Fight

Chloe and Brady had decided to go to the movies together, but she backed out. He thought she was ashamed to be seen with him. She assured him that she would never hurt him and they took part in a friendly snowball fight.

Movie Theater

While sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start Chloe got very quiet. Brady asked her what was wrong, she turned to him and hugged him urgently. She then said,
I'm crazy about you, Brady. I really am.

Catch the Brightest Star

After nearly being taken by two thugs and then rescued by Brady, Chloe and he headed to the park. There they talked about Philip and she told him he was her best friend and no one understood her like he did. He told her he'd help her with her singing again and she then said to repay him for saving her life someday she would sing for him with the emotion that he showed her.

Naked Brady

Brady had taken a shower but there were no towels. So, thinking no one was home he ran down the stairs to find Chloe and Belle. Thank goodness for him and Belle (Not Chloe and us) that there was a potted plant nearby. Now, the moment turned comical when Chloe and Belle began to laugh. But before that you could tell by the look on Chloe's face she was enjoying the view. Who wouldn't?

More moments coming soon...

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